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Curated by Lisa Junghanß

TICK TACK proudly announces ‘LE NOUVEAU BIEDERMEIER’, a major group exhibition featuring works by over 30 international artists. The exhibition, which runs during Antwerp Art Weekend, marks TICK TACK’s fifth anniversary milestone.

LE NOUVEAU BIEDERMEIER , curated by Lisa Junghanß (Berlin, 1971), delves into the possible pitfalls of a new wave of conservatism in contemporary art, presenting more than 30 interdisciplinary artistic positions, some of which are juxtaposed with historical works.

The question of whether art has a social responsibility or is obliged to adopt a social stance is the subject of constant debate. It arises from the contemporary context wherein art increasingly penetrates various areas of social life, rather than appearing in isolation. Social media has fundamentally changed the dissemination of art, providing artists with a platform to instantly reach a global audience.

However, this heightened visibility comes at a price: the pressure to conform to trends and gain social recognition. For fear of social media backlash, censorship or other reprisals, artists are increasingly choosing to produce work that conforms to accepted norms, avoiding controversial topics. This conformity is reminiscent of 19th century Biedermeier-an artistic and cultural movement that heralded order and calm-and its self-censorship that undermined the ability of art to act as a catalyst for social change and to question and challenge prevailing ideologies.

The exhibition explores this theme and invites visitors to reflect on the effects and reverberations of self-censorship and the loss of meaningful dialogue in the face of socio-political uncertainty.

I am proud to be part of this show with these two works.

Red line in front of Colonne and Hôtel du Ville
Watercolor/pigment ink on paper, 14cm × 9cm, 2021

LE NOUVEAU BIEDERMEIER features works by :
Olivia Berckemeyer, Antje Blumenstein, Jonas Burgert, Martin Eder, Patrick Vanden Eynde, Tine Furler, Axel Geis, Lise Harlev, Patrick Henne, Gregor Hildebrandt, Juliane Hundertmark, Dritan Hyska, Jeroen Jacobs, Christian Jankowski, Sven Johne, Andreas Koch, Julia Krewani, Peer Kriesel, Joep van Liefland, Catherine Lorent, Karla Marchesi, Andreas Mühe, NEOZOON, Frank Nitsche, Nik Nowak, Cornelia Renz, Anselm Reyle, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Jenny Rosemeyer, Michael Sailstorfer, Thomas Scheibitz, Philip Topolovac, Tilman Wendland and others.

Friday, May 17 (7-10 PM)
Antwerp Art Weekend

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