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Peer Kriesel, born in Berlin in 1979, deals with the topic of identity and values in the age of digital change and the digital society in his entire oeuvre.

The abundance of information and data – especially with regard to the Internet and social media -, its effects and the apparently increasing confusion in society, disenchantment with politics – characterized by war and a lack of solidarity -, the conflict between old values and the new beauty – these are all themes that the artist Peer Kriesel addresses in his works.

The artist has been preoccupied and inspired for years by the neglect and disappearance of true aesthetics, but also of true anti-aesthetics.

Peer Kriesel works primarily analog – with watercolor/acrylic paint and pigment ink on paper – but for years he has also been creating purely digital works that also deal with the subject of digital art, blockchain and NFT – they are fusions of hidden object pictures and digital drawing/painting, abstractions of grimaces and masks, overpaintings and strongly limited generative art/PFP projects that are to be understood as the antithesis of the cheap battle of computer-generated 10k projects.

The main theme of his digital work is also the digital world – the digital transformation, the change in communication, the acceleration of processes, the mass of data and the apparent change in values in a digital world.

Peer Kriesel has digital works on the Ethereum, Tezos, Solana and Algorand blockchain.

A PDF presentation has now been created that provides an overview of the artist’s digital work:
PDF-Download (5 MB)