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The Burning Chrome,
Installation/Object, 2022
View on TEIA.ART

Identity and values

Peer Kriesel’s work is strongly influenced by the changes brought about by constantly evolving digital technologies, which have a major impact on us humans and are changing society. The topic of artificial intelligence is also increasingly confronting artists and us with the question of what makes us human and what sets us apart from machines.

Even though Peer Kriesel otherwise works primarily with “analog” materials and colors – with watercolor/acrylic paint and pigment ink on paper – he has also been creating purely digital works for years, which also deal with the topic of identity and values in a digital world.

It is also about the digital transformation, the change in communication, the acceleration of processes, the structure in the mass of data and the apparent change in values and identity.

On the one hand, there are fusions of hidden object images and digital drawing/painting, abstractions of grimaces and masks, overpaintings and highly limited generative art/PFP projects that have been created since 2021 and are to be understood as a counterpoint to the cheap battle of computer-generated 10k projects (

The Unknown Painters


The Avatars


Friendly Strangers


The Unknown Clowns


The Unknown Family

etc.) and on the other hand there are conceptual-installative works such as

The Burning Chrome


Peer Kriesel has been working on generative image creation using artificial intelligence – AI-generated photography– since 2022.

He uses this tool for his surreal work in a new genre for him – photography – and explores the limits and absurdities of the visual worlds generated by algorithms. The changes and reworking of the photos, some of which are selfies/self-portraits and old family photos (The Unknown Family Portraits), can be seen as a continuation of the


can be understood as a continuation of the overpaintings.

Peer Kriesel has digital works on the Ethereum, Tezos, Solanaand Algorand blockchain.





Selfie 2023-10-12, AI-Generated/-Overpainted Photograph

The Dinner, 2023, View on
(The Unknown Family series Reworked/digitally overpainted old family photo)