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Detail from Künstliche Verdichtung, 2019

Hidden object pictures

In a playful and experimental way, Peer Kriesel immerses the viewer in a surreal and fabulous world. At the same time, he confronts them with their very own absurd world of data flow, overstimulation and information overload – a world full of absurdities and humorously weird things.

You can lose yourself in his hidden object pictures and go on a journey to discover an entire universe. Overloaded with surreal figures and creatures as well as recurring and newly combined elements in his works, they are indecipherable at first glance.

Künstliche Verdichtung, watercolor/acrylic/pigment ink on paper, 140cm × 200cm (four parts), 2019

The artist’s hidden object pictures are always about playing with order, structure and balance.
Geometric elements and lines increasingly appear, dividing the chaos and perhaps trying to tame it and harmonize it in a balance.

In the Essences and Lines series of works, Kriesel prepares the teeming mass in a legible manner by drawing extracts or essences from a great chaos and presenting them in sequences or compressed lines.

Sehr!, From the Essences module series, watercolor/pigment ink on paper, 50cm × 40cm, 2020

Zwei Welten, Aquarell/Pigmenttinte auf Papier, 100cm × 140cm, 2021

Works from this series

Heute so aufgeräumt

Mascarade Abstraite I-III

Ursprung der Welt

Verdunkelungsgefahr (Krieg und Frieden)

Künstliche Verdichtung

Weiße Balance II