Mural Art


In the surreal representation of his Fratzen/grimaces, Kriesel wants to face the broken and distorted state of the world.
Cranky figures, fearful facial expressions and destroyed livelihoods, but also funny-looking, ridiculous caricatures are brought up on the wall with a gestural style of painting. "But these grimaces are also the grimaces you encounter on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and the other 'communities' as well as on TV. They grin at you from everywhere, be it at Big Brother, at one of the many casting shows or at the jungle camp. ”

The grimaces (#FRTZN) and »grim carpets« become calligraphic structures, so that they remind of graffiti tags or pieces, but grimaces remain that are interwoven.
The Mural Art #FRTZN is about interacting with the wall and the ever faster strokes are also about changing communication in the digital age - so to speak, the change from the letter with seal back then, and today the fast WhatsApp chat.

Mural art on a small scale

In the installation "me so small" I work with a 3D print as a self-portrait that "writes" a grimace drawing on the wall. An outdated, rusted mask that is hung on the nail in this work represents the contrast of the old and the new, which describes the change in communication - also textually.

In the installation "hang-up" the artist's self-portrait rappels off the wall and again draws a grimace sketch on the wall. The work is based on the actions of the 1UP crew and Berlin Kidz in Berlin, which are becoming increasingly popular today. This is also about changing communication - but also about changing the need for validity and the search for rebellion among today's youth.

In the installations in combination with rare car models, the artist supposedly becomes a vandal. He draws a grimace drawing on the model with a gestural line. As a result of this action, the valuable object is on the one hand devalued or perhaps even damaged and on the other hand it is upgraded and elevated to an art object. This contradiction in terms is what attracts the artist. Because at a time when the production and consumption of creative work or “only” beautiful things are becoming almost inflationary, general values ​​are also shifting.

More works of the ME SO SMALL series