Artist Catalogue: Overpaintings

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The Project

I am looking forward to your support for the printing of a new catalogue and overview of my overpaintings, which have been created since 2012.

Since their creation, the overpaintings have become a very important series of works in my oeuvre, which is primarily concerned with identity and values in the age of digital transformation and a digital society.

Possible design of the catalogue, 21cm x 28cm

The catalogue "Übermalungen" (Overpaintings)

I plan to print the catalogue in a first edition of at least 250 copies.

On 200 pages, it will present a selection of works exclusively from the series of overpaintings and depict the entire spectrum of this series: The beginnings with the overpainted tickets, the series of postcards, overpainted packaging, atlas and nautical maps as well as works from the Achim series. I will integrate previously unpublished works into the selection and present them for the first time.

Following on from my first catalogue of 2016, the new catalogue will have the same dimensions of 21cm x 28cm and come in a soft cover envelope.

Here's what the contents might look like:

Mögliches Design des Inhalts, Doppelseiten

About me

My name is Peer Kriesel.

I live and work as a drawing artist in Berlin. My career started in 1999 with the first exhibitions in project spaces. In the meantime I have shown my work in exhibitions and art fairs as well as collaborations all over the world - in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, USA and China.

I have been drawing and painting all my life. 

Drawing is the best way for me to express myself and take the viewer on a journey through my thoughts. It is a voyage of discovery through a surreal cosmos all of its own, dealing with identity and values in the age of digital change and a digital society - lots of information and figures and creatures brought into an apparent order by geometric elements.

10 years of overpaintings

The Overpaintings, which I have now been producing as a series of works for ten years, is precisely about these values. At a time when they are disappearing more and more, discarded - but at one time valuable - papers, tickets, postcards and maps become a source of inspiration. I paint over them with watercolour, acrylic paint and pigment ink. The overpaintings started with Berlin tickets (BVG tickets) in 2012.

Verboten, 2014, overpainted Berlin-BVG-ticket, ca. 7,5cm x 6cm

They developed further - via entrance tickets, postcards, to atlas maps and nautical charts.

The overpainted sea and land maps belong to my latest series of works. For the first time, the overpaintings become large-format, so that the filigree and detailed structures become a seemingly endless teeming mass.

The overpainting brings about a seemingly irresistible change in the medium of the map, but at the same time the object is elevated to art. That appeals to me.

The old (worn-out) maps, which seem almost anachronistic in the age of Google, are brought back to life. The map representation with its landscapes and dates, its past life and the time from which it originates serve as a source of inspiration for something new: for an unfathomable universe of grimaces, mythical creatures and figures drawn on paper with the finest of strokes. 
Shore and national borders dissolve.

Einfach wichtig, 2021, Watercolour/Acrylic/Pigment Ink on paper (Atlas-map), ca. 30cm x 23cm

All my work is strongly inspired by the age of digitalisation.

It is about values, the acceleration of communication, the change of perception and the inflationary consumption of art and media.

Symbolically, my works of map overpaintings deal with orientation in an age of an abundance of data, influences, impressions and messages that can no longer be grasped and classified in an unstructured way today.

The Merge, 2022, ca. 162cm x 206cm, Watercolour/Acrylic/Pigment Ink on paper

Achim Series 

Among the overpaintings, the Achim Series deserves special mention.

Vorteil, 2020, Aquarell/Pigmenttinte auf Papier (Karte) und Schnur, 8,3cm × 14,4cm

This series of works includes overpaintings of old postcards, documents and papers of my great-uncle, Achim. In this digital age, in which we accumulate data, photos and material almost without limit, these few physical, haptic pieces of paper, which are disappearing more and more today but still carry memories, have a very special meaning and value.

They tell a personal but also forgotten story - on old aesthetically exciting backgrounds and backgrounds from a bygone era, new figures and a world from today emerge in contrast.

We can see that we are losing more and more identity and originality. For example, birthday greetings are sent via Messenger by copy & paste and no longer handwritten on greeting cards sent by post. We try to capture moments in countless photos or videos, which then get lost in the masses, instead we find it difficult to enjoy them in the "here and now".

The Rewards

For supporting this project, I would like to thank all supporters with special items, which were carefully selected by me and some of which are only available here during the campaign.

The surprise effect plays an important role here, so as a special thank you I offer, among other things, surprise editions or originals, which I select at random.

A surprise-print from my limited editions of the painted-over tickets.
Special-Edition: "Gemeinsam", print of an overpainted ticket (BVG), Ed. of 25
Special-Edition: "Sinceri Auguri", print of an overpainted postcard, Ed. of 25
Special-Edition: "Nach bestem Wissen", print of an overpainted document (Achim-Series), Ed. of 10
Exclusive Print 140cm x 100cm ("75+"), Limited Edition of 10 Possible installation view (just a suggestion – frame and interior is not included!)

Thank you for your trust and support!

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