The Unknown Family Portraits


This series of works includes overpainted old family photos.
They tell a personal but also a forgotten story – on old, aesthetically exciting surfaces and backgrounds, new figures, elements and shapes from today emerge in contrast.
In today's digital world, the flood of digital images and avatars, profile pictures on social media channels and self-portrayal on the Internet, these often very rare portrait photos seem very bizarre and yet incredibly exciting.
Most of the time, there is only this one picture of the family members or maybe another picture – but not visible to everyone, but hidden in photo albums in boxes in the attic. They are relics from another time. And the people are often unknown – despite family ties.

The 50 works of each series were generated from different element types, with over 1000 digitally painted variations and other geometric shapes as well as randomly calculated factors via HTML and JavaScript.

See analogue works here: The Achim Series by Peer Kriesel. NFT marketplace: HIC ET NUNC