The Unknown Painters

Unique portraits

One or the other has probably already asked themselves: "Where are all the wild and still unknown painters?"

They have been hiding - in their studios and workspaces around the world, where they tirelessly work and paint until they create the perfect works to present to the world. They rarely come out and that's why you rarely see them outside. I have tracked and portrayed these artists all over the world - from New York, Rio, London, Paris, Berlin to Tokyo and Beijing and in the most remote parts of the world.
Here are the portraits of the unknown artists - some dark and whimsical, others grotesque and funny, proud and vulnerable, serious and ironic, authentic and colourful.

The work series is about identity and values inthe age of digital change and the digital society: A combination of painting and scripted factor of chance.

The Unknown Painters are automatically generated unique works (1/1s) combined from more than 750 digitally painted elements - with 13 different element types + background color factor.

From the 10,000 unique portraits created, only a selection of 101 works were selected by the artist Peer Kriesel.

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