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Zusammen, drawing, pigment ink on paper, 21cm × 29,7cm, 2011

Grimaces (Fratzen)

The grimace or mask is unmistakable in Peer Kriesel’s work.
It is an element that runs through all his series of works.

In the surreal depiction of his grimaces, Kriesel confronts the defective and distorted state of the world.
Cranky figures, anxious facial expressions and destroyed existences, but also funny, ridiculous caricatures are brought to the paper or canvas with a fine line and yet gestural painting style.

It is about originality and identity in a digital society.

The grimaces (#FRTZN) become calligraphic, graphic formations, so that they are perhaps reminiscent of graffiti tags and even extend to absolute abstraction in the works of the FRTZNABSTRCTN-series.

Grimaces, pigment ink on paper, 29,7cm × 21cm, 2023

FRTZNABSTRCTN #642, oil/acrylic on canvas, 50cm × 40cm