The abstracted "grimaces", which are built up by calligraphic lines in several levels and layers, reflect the ever faster and more abstract appearing world. Communication is getting faster and faster, the media and channels are getting more sophisticated - more intuitive for the user - and yet the technology in the background is a black hole for many.

If one looks at the series of works by the artist, it seems as if the observer can dive even deeper, one level further, into the "crowd" and hover in the middle of the network of lines. The work of the FRTZNABSTRCTN series is thus a macro shot, a look into the microscope, where despite magnification everything seems abstract.

In this series of works, the works are drawn digitally and then printed and signed on high-quality paper. Thereafter, the print file is deleted. Thus every grotesque abstraction is unique. The act of deleting the file counteracts the ever increasing digital arbitrariness.